Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Question: How many metres of fabric do I need for my car?
Answer: This particular question is difficult to answer because it depends on whether you want to redo the complete interior including the door cards and in addition on the experience and skill level of the person processing the fabric. When looking in the Products section of this website you may be able to find indicative values in the detailed product description when clicking a picture. Please note that these values are purely intended as an indication and I do strongly recommend to calculate for yourself how many metres are needed for your specific purpose. Also take a sufficient safety margin into consideration to allow small hick-ups in the refurbishment process. The width of the roll is clearly mentioned for each product, the length you can determine for yourself in line with your quantity requirement.

Question: How much is the price for an interior refurbishment?

Answer: For each product the price per meter is mentioned in the Products section of this website. The price of a refurbishment depends on how many metres you need. Indicative values for the required quantity are potentially mentioned on this website however please apply common sense and calculate for yourself how much is required. Antonio Ruggi Riproduzioni only sells the fabric and does not execute interior refurbishments.
Question: Does an enlisting on this website mean the product is directly available?
Answer: This is a valid question, this website lists all fabrics developed by Antonio Ruggi Riproduzioni. Please obtain an offer by asking for one through the Contact section then you will also automatically know whether the desired product is available or not. It can be that a certain reference number is sold out for the moment. In case of sufficient interest for a sold-out reference number another batch will be produced.
Question: What will be the total amount including shipment costs?
Answer: The shipment costs strongly vary on the desired shipment location and the potentially desired shipment insurance. Obtain a quote by sending a message through the Contact section of the website with the desired item(s) including the quantity and your requested shipment location. You will receive an offer with the shipment costs included.
Question: The website is not completely compatible with my device, can you make it compatible?
Answer: The reproduction is done on a hobby base and is not my job. I make a simple website to show enthusiasts around the world what products are available. There is no budget, time and programming skills available to make the website compatible with all computers and mobile devices. In case you are not able to clearly see something and you have questions then please submit a question through the Contact section elsewhere on this website.
Question: There are some entries on E-Bay Italy and Kijiji Italy that look very similar to your products, are those Antonio Ruggi Riproduzione products?
Answer: Yes those entries could be from ARR. For Italian customers using E-Bay or Kijiji can be convenient so also on those media my products are offered. You can choose whichever medium is most appropriate for you.
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